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The Law Firm of Seigel, Tully, Rouhana & Tully is a full service law firm offering with accident attorney Towson based offices. We offer more than 30 years’ experience representing clients who have suffered from auto wrecks, sought reductions in DUI and traffic penalties, and have been concerned about medical expenses incurred by an accident. Today, you have the power to choose an injury attorney Towson professional who is qualified to provide effective and vigorous advocacy in your auto related case.

Finding the Right Criminal Attorney Towson Professional for the Job
When selecting a criminal lawyer, Towson based Law Firm Seigel, Tully, Rouhana & Tully offer residents the opportunity to work with a family focused practice. Whether you are a victim, first time offender, or have a history of traffic offenses, we can help. All our clients are like family. Even if the accident was your fault, you do not have healthcare, or you’re concerned about adding to an existing accidental history; you still have options. Our experienced paralegal staff is waiting to answer your questions.

Gain the Support of an Auto Accident Lawyer Towson Professional
Injuries can quickly become costly and complicated, and may even have long-term implications on your health and income. We can help you cover your expensive medical bills and compensate you for the pain of your accident, as well as any loss you may have suffered. If you were on the other side of the accident, we can help reduce the penalties and fight for a fair settlement.

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